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Pompeii is a roman town that was hit by a catastrophic eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Pompeii was around before 0 A.D. It neighboured another town called Herculaneum which was also affected by the eruption.

Pompeii was a thriving town and it would’ve been very peaceful.  It had an amphitheatre, where gladiators fought, a gym with a pool, and even a palace!!!!!  It would’ve be fun to watch gladiators fight.

The eruption happened during summer, 79 A.D. Over 2000 people were covered in 8-9 feet in ash and pumice. Some of the people were mummified and turned into stone. It was horrible!!!!! The last 1000 people that survived must have been so upset!


The last eruption happened in March 1944. 26 people died and nearly 12,000 people were displaced. It definitely wasn’t as bad as the one in 79 A.D.

The lost city started to be excavated in around 1748 and are still excavating. There were a lot of ancient artefacts (like pots and jugs) that were, and still are, very valuable. Pompeii was a wondrous city full of amazing things.

Now, it’s a tourist attraction. People come from all over the world to see all of the ruins and amphitheatre. It is very popular nowadays because a lot of people like looking at old cities and towns.

Mt Vesuvius is still an active volcano and is due to erupt at any time. So, if there’s news about tremors or animals running away from the mountain, make sure you stay away.

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  1. Babaanne

    Zeki darling. Your trip to Pompeii was amazing. You seem to have loved Positano as well. More opportunities to swim and snorkel. Miss you heaps. Love you. Have a wonderful few days in Rome xxx

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  4. Mrs Farrell

    Hi Zeki, I am enjoying reading about your trip. I have never been to Europe until this holiday when I went to France and GB. I am very jealous.
    Keep enjoying and learning.
    Mrs Farrell